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Listed below are some of our clients' most common questions when inquiring about our web services. Please go over them one by one to gain some insight as to how we conduct our operations. Any further inquiries can be entertained by contacting us either thru email or phone at the Contact page of this website. Thank You.

frequently asked questions
What are the requirements that I have to submit to get my website done?

Written content for your web pages and Site Map( Microsoft Word format)
Photos or graphics to be included in your web content (GIF or JPEG web format )
Your company logo ( if any ), and tell us the pantone colors that your company uses.
Samples of printed materials ( e.g. brochures, letterheads, cards, booklets, etc. ) so we can see how you present your company image.

Note: The above materials are to be prepared in advance then submitted by the client to the webmaster prior to the website construction. Submission thru email is also possible.

How much will it cost  to have my website done? Is there a downpayment required?

We do a per page costing analysis in quoting our clients. Please email us for a free quote on your web project. Just give us the number of pages, whether static, dynamic or interactive. We could also meet with u personally to discuss the costing of your web project.

See also our NEW Web Package Offerings.

Note: The total cost of the web project can only be determined AFTER the website is completed not prior to its construction. The quote that will be given is only an estimate, as certain pages may be added or removed during website construction. Just indicate the number of pages you need, whether static / dynamic / interactive web pages for your site. We usually ask for a down payment/deposit of  50% of the estimated total cost, as the materials are submitted to our webmaster. This deposit will be used to register your desired domain and acquire web hosting for your website.

How is the payment made for the web services?

In Person (cash or cheque accepted)

Any BPI Family Bank / Metrobank / BDO branch in the Philippines
Note: Contact us for bank account info.

For Foreign clients, payments may be sent thru Paypal or Western Union payment system. (email us for your invoice)

How long does it take the webmaster to finish the website?

This depends on whether all of the materials have been submitted altogether by the client or over a period of time. Also depends on the complexity and number of pages that the site requires. A standard 5 to 10 page website can be completed in 7 to 10 days under normal conditions.

Do I get to view the website during its construction phase?

Yes, the website can be viewed for corrections, alterations and adjustments via a sub domain of http://www.quazardesigns.net/ while undergoing construction. If the domain already has hosting ,then it can be viewed using the domain name URL.

What if I only need hosting for my website? Do u have plans?

Yes, please go to www.quazardesigns.net/hosting.html to review our plans.

Do we have to sign a web contract?

A special web contract between the client and webmaster can be provided upon request by the client. Usually done for long term web maintenance arrangements.

As a foreigner, can I pay in US Dollars for the web services ?

Most certainly, please email us if a pricing scheme or quote in US dollars is preferred.

Do we charge updating and maintenance fees?

Product Catalog type websites designed by us and being hosted by our server, can be updated and maintained for an hourly rate. Newsletter type sites that need constant updating will be charged a corresponding monthly fee.

Can we ask the webmaster to visit our office to discuss the web project?

Most certainly, provided that your office is in the vicinity. Please call us to schedule a meeting or appointment with you.

Do you charge an extension fee if the web project goes beyond 30 days?

Yes we do, if the web project materials are not all submitted on time and the contractual job goes beyond 30 days we normally charge extension fees to the client.